Impact Equitable Justice Incorporated
Impact Equitable Justice Incorporated

Who We Are

The U.S. incarcerates more of its citizens than any other nation in the world, which in turns cripples the American Worforce by removing skilled workers leading to a loss of $78-$87 billion in GDP. Criminal convictions can often lead to a lifetime ban on employment due to bias and unfair hiring practices. We believe that an equitable society is one in which people have equal access to education, health care, justice, and job opportunities. 


Impact Equitable Justice Incorporated (IEJI) is a IRS 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to the effort to erradicate systemic oppression for the most disadvantaged individuals within society particularly those impacted by the justice system. We represent the intersection between the American Workforce System and the Criminal Justice System. Utilizing best practices from both disciplines to improve employment outcomes for job seekers with criminal records.


We seek to be leaders in Employment and Talent Development for individuals impacted by the justice system and serve as advocates for a more fair and inclusive workforce system for individuals with justice involvement. We are confident that our research informed strategies will help us achieve succesful outcomes for our clients, build strategic partnerships, and affect change in our pursuit of socio-economic justice.  




Our Scope and Focus Areas:

Fair Chance Hiring 

Impact Equitable Justice Incorporated encourages businesses to include fair hiring practices into their diversity and inclusion strategies. D & I yields a larger pool of potential candidates to employers, ensures second chance jobseekers have equal access to job opportunities and fosters a more equitable workforce system.



Occupational Licensing Reform

As an employment focused initiative, we fully understand the challenges formerly incarcerated individuals face in obtaining employment. Employment is a key factor to ensuring a successful reintegration after release. We strongly advocate for ending blanket bans and adopting reforms that would make licensing fairer for workers with criminal records.



 Education and Training

There's an abundance of research that shows the link between educational attainment and lower recidivism rates. Impact (IEJI) joins multiple stakeholders in the belief that equal access to higher eduation creates pathways to economic mobility, improved personal lives and increased employment opportunties.



Impact Equitable Justice Incorporated (IEJI) is excited to partner with JobsForFelonsHub. We have a shared purpose which is to help workers with records find employment and become productive members of their respective communities.